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The Woodgas Stove Saved My Life
About a year ago, the stove saved my life. I was on a kayak on a North Idaho river early in spring. After capsizing in the river, soaking all my clothes and sleeping bag, and developing hypothermia, I spent a subfreezing night huddled over 10,000 BTU of WoodGas heat. It was one of the worst nights of my life - and I've seen a few. But the stove gave me the heat to survive until morning.
Chris S, Northern Idaho
Aug 28, 2006
Probably the coolest $190 gadget I've ever bought in my life.
I received my mega stove a few weeks ago, but only had time to fire it up last night. I filled it with pellets and a little lighter fluid on top and lit it up. I was skeptical about how hot it could get, but it was amazing. Probably the coolest $190 gadget I've ever bought in my life. It was a little chilly on the driveway, and we'd just come back from a fishing trip, and were in for a couple hours of fish cleaning outside, so I fired it up and even from five feet away, we could still feel the warmth, and it provided some nice ambiance to an otherwise somewhat dreary chore. Running a propane heater for 2-3 hours would have cost me at least $13-15 in propane, and not looked nearly as cool as the mega--running the mega for 2-3 hours (it ran so long I had to dump the burning pellets in my grill to clean up) cost me about 75 cents of fuel.

The main reason I bought this thing was because my friends and I have grilling parties outside all winter long to take the edge off the boring Boston winters, and I'm always looking for cheap sources of heat and for people to sit around (makes for good ambiance). 55k btus of heat will be perfect on those freezing nights. I foresee buying a couple more megas in the next year.

I've never emailed a company that I've bought a product from. But these wood-gas stoves are so ingenious, I just had to let you know how much I appreciate these products. Btw, my GE combustion research scientist friend is buying a MEGA stove as we speak--he was very excited when I told him about it.
Mike, Boston MA
Sept. 2009
Great product and quick shipping!!!
I received my two XL stoves today and must say that I am very happy with them.

I was surprised by how much heat these units actually generate with just a handful of twigs and leaves. I had a large pot of boiling water in no time.

Great product and quick shipping!!!
Darrin Simmons, St. Louis MO
Sept. 2009
The Woodgas Stove is better than the Sierra Zip Stove
I compared the Woodgas stove to the Sierra stove and I think the Woodgas Camp Stove is much better.
In operating the Woodgas stove I've found:

-Less smoke
-Very little blackening on the bottom of the pot
-Stronger fan
-Deeper bowl
-Sturdier base for heavier pots
-The handle removes for storage and can double as tongs for removing the Hot cross bar or other hot items.
-The outside of the stove stays cooler due to the air flow.
-The flame mostly stays in the stove rather than leaping up the sides of the pan.
-Price is about the same or a little lower if purchased from your website.
-Seems to boil water in the same amount of time.

Overall it felt like it was better quality, mainly due to the fact that the Sierra stove is trying to be a super light-weight stove for serious back packers. Since I am getting these stoves for camping and emergency preparedness groups/classes, weight is not a concern.

Overall I am very pleased with this stove/price, so that is why I ordered a couple more. After my second order I now have 4 Woodgas Camp Stoves!"
John A., United Kingdom
I have performed 2 cooking sessions successfully
I have received the camp stove in good order and by today, I have performed 2 cooking sessions successfully.

The Woodgas camp stove works well and I plan to do more experiments with different types of wood fuel. At first, I had some problems with the fire getting started. However, I learned how to use the fan correctly and I experienced that by doing so, there is almost no smoke and the amount of heat is considerably more than with the passive downdraft gasifier (Garlington type). The biggest advantage is the easy refueling of the stove by adding four or five wood sticks every one or two minutes. The boiling of the water can be continued by doing so.

I hope that I can interest more people in this wonderful cooking device so that they also become enthusiastic.
Bas, Netherlands
May 1st, 2009
I received the wood gas stove and it is truly amazing!!!!
I had ordered one of those fancy wood bar-b-q cookstoves for hundreds of dollars also and they are total garbage compared to your stove!!

I would like to order 3 more wood gas stoves.
Linda, Marquette MI
Re: stove works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the stove! I make tea, pancakes, and fry up dinner on it regularly in my back yard
Liam, Seattle WA
May 1st, 2009
"The camping stove works exactly as they say it does"
"I recently received a WoodGas Camping Stove from iENERGY, and since my son is a Boy Scout who frequently goes on camping trips, I thought we'd try the stove out. iENERGY claims that the stove "burns almost any fuel nature provides-including twigs, pine cones or any plant-based fuel-and provides the cleanest heat in even the remotest area." We discovered that the stove works exactly as they say it does-you get as much heat or more than from the traditional propane camping stoves, and it runs on anything you happen to find in the forest. We fried a bunch of bacon and eggs using only dried weeds, leaves and sticks."
Glenn Sacks, Newspaper Columnist & Radio Show Host
October 3, 2006
The woodgas camping stove is bullet-proof
I love this bullet-proof little camping stove. I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was playing with it. By the way, "playing" is a misnomer - this is serious equipment. It's well worth the $50 bucks or so to have this as an emergency stove or heat source in your survival kit (though you need to treat this like any open fire and watch out for carbon monoxide, especially indoors). Comes with a one-year limited warranty too.
Don B, California
March 15, 2006
Cooked two pans of hamburgers with the woodgas camping stove
"The camping stove burned the fuel evenly and made a great flame for cooking. We easily cooked two pans of hamburgers on one stove-full of fuel. I also quickly boiled water for coffee. As I walked around the park, all I could think of was how much fuel there was for the stove. And to think that one medium branch was enough to cook dinner.

Congratulations on making a great, fuel efficent stove."
Phil R, Boston MA
March 10, 2006
Ran stove on pine chips
Great stove... water boiled in under 7 minutes with pine chips and the like from the forest floor. I easily started the stove with my own recipe for a fire starter. Here is the recipe for those of you who would like to make your own:

1 - clump of dryer lint
1 - coffee filter
1 - string
1 - small pot of melted wax.

Put clump of dryer lint in coffee filter - not too tight. Tie with the string and dunk in hot wax. Cheap, easy and fun!
Bob G, Hi Adventure Trek Planning and Leave No Trace Master, Circle Ten Council of Boy Scouts, Dallas TX
June 29, 2006
I took my WoodGas camping stove to my daughter's soccer game
I recently took my WoodGas camp stove to a soccer game with my daughter. I loaded it with fuel pellets and let it burn on a camera tripod. The weather was cold, rainy and windy. Soon, most of the parents were gathered around warming their hands at my portable warming station. I was the most popular parent in the place!On the low setting, the pellets burned a nice flame for one hour. I then kept it burning with a few pellets every 5 minutes or so. Don't go to a cold soccer game without one.
Jim, Bonney Lake WA
Feb 15, 2007
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